Aquababies Indonesia Weekday Classes

Peta Lokasi

Rp 2.950.000 Rp 3.250.000

Tanggal:  -
Kategori:   Kursus , Olahraga
Waktu:   00:00 - 00:00
Durasi:   30 menit
Usia:   0-12 bulan, 1-3 tahun
Penyelenggara :   Aquababies Indonesia
Lokasi:   Jakarta , Jakarta Pusat
Alamat:   Jalan Sawo No.29, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat

Kursus renang bayi untuk 1 anak (dan 1 orang tua sebagai pendamping) untuk 10 sesi di hari biasa (Senin-Jumat) selama 10 minggu, hanya di lokasi Menteng, Jakarta Pusat.

Apakah reservasi diperlukan?
Setelah membeli paket di, customer akan dihubungi oleh tim admin Aquababies Indonesia via Whatsapp chat untuk menjadwalkan kelas, pastikan nomor ponsel yang dicantumkan memiliki akun Whatsapp aktif.

Harga sudah termasuk:

Program kami termasuk 10x sesi kursus renang bayi selama 2.5 bulan di kolam khusus murid Aquababies Indonesia yang tidak dipakai umum, pinjaman wetsuit untuk dipakai di dalam kelas, dan tidak ada biaya tambahan seperti tiket masuk. Aquababies Global, memiliki cabang di 17 negara dan kurikulumnya telah terbukti efektif.

Barang yang harus disiapkan:

–  Swimming diapers (Recommended brands: Huggies Little Swimmers, Charlie Banana)
– Wetsuit (Recommended brands: Splash About for Babies, Decathlon for toddlers)
– Swimsuit (As base layer if you choose to use shared wetsuit)
– Toiletries (Shampoo, body wash, lotion, etc.)
– Anti-mosquitoes repellent spray
– Hand sanitizer
– Surface disinfectant spray e.g. Dettol (for baby changing stations, etc.)
– Favourite bath toys
– Face masks (needed when not in pool); bring at least 3 per visitor
– Towels
– Bag for wet clothes
– Change of clothes (Baju ganti)
– Changing mat (Perlak)
– Goggles for accompanying parent
– Junior-size kickboard (Toddler Levels only)
– Junior-size goggles (3-year-old and above only)

Syarat dan ketentuan:

– Please try to arrive at the pool already dressed in your swimwear, so that classes may start on time. Classes that start late produce a chain reaction, making all other subsequent classes also start later than the scheduled timing. No outer footwear or strollers should be taken onto the poolside, changing area, and bathrooms.
– Please remove your outer footwear and go barefoot.
– Please respect the privacy of the individual venues by NOT touching items that do not belong to Aquababies Indonesia (i.e items belonging to the house and/or other items not related to Aquababies Indonesia), and staying within the designated area (i.e. swimming pool, poolside, changing area, and bathrooms). No smoking is allowed in any part of our premises. No eating or drinking in and around the swimming pool, poolside, changing area, and bathrooms.
– Please also feed your child at least 30 minutes before the start of his/her class, otherwise, do not feed your child until after class. Unfortunately, we can only accommodate one adult in the pool at a time with each child, who must be either the child’s parent or designated carer and over 16 years of age. However, we are happy for any other responsible adult (being other members of your family or friends) to bring your child to classes. Anyone new to the class must let the instructor know at the beginning of the session, including making the instructor aware of any health issues, so they can provide the extra help and advice that will be needed.
– Please always rinse/shower both yourself and your child before entering the pool. Parents or any responsible adults accompanying the baby in the pool are NOT allowed to use any lotions, including sunscreen, before entering the pool, as this can make the pool water cloudy. Removing body lotions, perfumes, etc. before swimming contributes significantly to maintaining water quality and prevents possible pool water contamination. Parents or any responsible adults accompanying the baby in the pool MUST wear appropriate and modest swimwear (i.e. made out of nylon/Lycra). No revealing swimwear such as bikinis are allowed. Wearing only swimwear in the pool reduces the risk of pool contamination as cotton and/or other materials can hold detergents, germs, and bacteria in them which can be released into the water. This rule includes hijabs, please ensure that any hijab worn in the pool is a swim hijab, to reduce any possible contamination. – Please keep the number of accompanying adults to a maximum of 2 (i.e. 2 parents, or 1 parent and 1 nanny/grandparent), to ensure that our waiting area is not overcrowded, as this can be overwhelming and non-conducive to our young swimmers. While you are waiting for your class, please keep poolside noise down to a minimum so that all classes can take place in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Do not enter the pool until the current class has finished; please always wait to be invited to do so by your instructor. The shower rooms, baby shower seats, baby changing stations and other facilities are strictly on a first-come, first-served basis.
– Please be mindful and considerate when using the facilities. Use it swiftly and keep it clean. You are responsible for the safe supervision of any children you bring at all times: in the pool, on the poolside, in the changing area and bathrooms, and on the pool premises. They should always be under the direct supervision of an adult and never be left unattended. Children running on wet surfaces can very easily slip and hurt themselves. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the poolside at any time. Always adhere to pool rules at individual venues. Classes may continue under drizzling rain conditions. Should a class already be in progress or about to start and have to be cleared on the grounds of health and safety then we are under no obligation to refund the class or part thereof.
– Swim diapers and changing your baby Without exception, all babies/toddlers under the age of 3, whether or not they are toilet-trained, must wear swim diapers, either a reusable swim diaper or a disposable paper swim diaper. We reserve the right to refuse entry to any child who is not suitably attired. Babies wearing any other attire, including wetsuits or warmers, etc. must still wear a swim diaper. If there are no baby changing stations available, we strongly advise you to always change your baby on the floor using a suitable changing mat. Do not use any raised areas such as benches, trolleys or tables. This is to prevent babies from rolling onto the floor from high surfaces which can easily happen and is extremely distressing for all concerned.
– Wetsuits Wetsuits, made out of neoprene, are mandatory, to keep your child warm and comfortable in the pool. We will lend out baby and toddler wetsuits to every child for use in his/her class at no additional charge. Please note that wetsuits are meant to be tight-fitting when worn, so that any water that enters is trapped and adapts to the body temperature of the wearer, hence do not choose wetsuit sizes that are too large for your child. Shared wetsuits are on a first-come, firstserved basis. If you choose to use our shared wetsuits, please note that you may receive it in a wet condition, and we cannot guarantee or reserve a dry wetsuit for your child. If you receive a shared wetsuit in a wet condition, please only put it on your child, over his/her base layer swimsuit, right before your child enters the pool. Please be considerate and hang your used wetsuit in the designated place after use, so that others after you may also use it.
– Wet wipes Please put aside your own box of wet wipes on the poolside, for the convenience of clearing your child’s mucus discharge, instead of unnecessarily flushing it to the pool drain or skimmer.
– Medical conditions You will be asked for any existing medical conditions for either yourself, another responsible adult who may swim in the classes, or the baby booked into the classes upon registration. You agree to inform us of any changes, including pregnancy, as soon as you are aware of them. All information will be kept strictly confidential.
– Illness Should your child or the responsible adult taking your child into the water have, or develop, any known or suspected medical condition, please consult your doctor before swimming. You must then inform us via email or WhatsApp. In the event that your illness is contagious and may affect other swimmers, we may share basic information about this risk with other carers. All information received is treated in confidence and with sensitivity. Never bring your child swimming if they have any illness such as an ear infection, diarrhoea, vomiting, chicken pox, impetigo, conjunctivitis, or a bad cold. Please wait until your doctor has given the all-clear before returning to classes. Please ensure that any sickness/diarrhoea symptoms have completely cleared for at least 48 hours before your class; or 14 days if a gastrointestinal bug has been diagnosed by a medical professional. Our instructors may refuse entry to the pool if they reasonably believe that your child is not well enough to participate.
– Weekly reminders Weekly reminders will be sent out via WhatsApp before the start of every class. We would appreciate it if you could reply to your Admin for Existing Student’s weekly reminder texts, so as to make rearrangement of replacement classes possible for all students.
– Replacement classes and deferments Please note that only a maximum of 2 replacement classes can be given within the same term for any missed classes. Replacement classes for any missed classes must be used within the same term, and are not transferable to the next term. We regret that we are unable to offer more than 2 replacement classes for missed classes, as unfortunately, what seems like one simple request is an impractical administrative task when spread across hundreds of clients. Schedules for replacement classes (including venue, day, and timing) will be determined solely by the Admins for Existing Students, based on the responses to the weekly reminder texts. 2 rejections of the proposed replacement class schedule and/or consecutive absences will result in that replacement class becoming invalid, and further claims will not be accepted. You must inform our Admins for Existing Students via WhatsApp at 087708422188 or 081513117100 if you are unable to attend the proposed replacement class schedule at least 2 days before the scheduled replacement class day/time. Your commitment (i.e. regular attendance) is important to your child’s progress, hence any 3 unexplained consecutive absences will result in an automatic deferment of your current term to the next term. Only a maximum of 1 deferment to the next term will be allowed, after which your sessions with us will be deemed invalid. We are under no obligation to refund or transfer your money in the event that you are unable to attend part of or the entire course. 9. Certificates of completion Certificates of completion will only be given to students who have attended at least 7 sessions in a term, and those who have successfully passed that level.
– Instructors Whilst it is our policy that we endeavour to ensure you always have the same instructor, we cannot guarantee this as instructors fall ill, are on leave, etc. Also, due to the extremely thorough nature of our training, we may occasionally need to have a new instructor teaching your class. They are always fully trained at this point but need to teach a series of ‘live classes’ in order to complete their assessment process. Unfortunately, we cannot give advance warning when this may happen and, whilst we always try to limit it, it is a necessary part of our commitment to quality.
– Valuables and jewellery All property left in changing rooms or on the poolside and all property (including strollers) left in entrance halls or outside, is left at your own risk. Aquababies Indonesia cannot accept any responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal possessions. Please remove all jewellery before entering the water.
– Video and photography Whilst the family atmosphere we encourage means that parents, grandparents, and friends should feel very comfortable taking photographs or video footage, we would ask that everyone remains sensitive to the feelings of others should some families not feel comfortable with this. If someone in a class asks that there be no videos or photos taken, the instructor will inform the class and filming/photography must stop immediately and without incident. We must also adhere to pool rules at individual venues, some of which do not permit the use of such equipment. If this is the case with your pool, we will inform you separately and ask that you respect such policy. In all instances the decision of our staff is final. No underwater cameras or underwater recording equipment of any description may be used during an Aquababies Indonesia class. Where possible, at the start and end of each term, we will take a picture of you and your child with other parents and children (should you wish). We would like to be able to use these photographs for promotional and publicity purposes. Please indicate whether you consent to our sharing any photograph on the internet, on social media or in any other promotional material. These photographs will not be used by Aquababies Indonesia for any other purpose. By participating in the class photograph you accept that other parents who participate may be given a copy and that Aquababies Indonesia has no control over its use by you or other parents. Aquababies Indonesia continually strives to improve the teaching standard of our workforce and we, on occasion, video record a class being taught by an instructor. The camera is focused on the instructor and the video recording will only be seen by the instructor and their assessor. The video will not be used for anything other than for the instructor to gain feedback from their assessor. Once the instructor has qualified, the video will be securely destroyed. Aquababies Indonesia expressly forbids the right to reproduce any part of our classes in any form (e.g. on the internet, DVDs, photographs, etc.). Anyone suspected of continually filming or photographing the classes for any purpose of publication or for any purpose whatsoever will be asked to stop filming, delete the footage/photographs, and leave the course. Aquababies Indonesia cannot be held liable for the actions of third parties and, therefore, excludes to the fullest extent possible by law, any liability arising from a breach of this section headed ‘Video and photography’ by any party.
– Withdrawal of service We may, at our own discretion, refuse a client entry to our classes if it is felt that the client’s behaviour or the behaviour of those associated with the client is unreasonable or becomes an issue of health and safety.
– Enrolment and subsequent re-enrolments Our courses run throughout the year in accordance with our published term dates which are available from us on request. When signing up to Aquababies Indonesia the first time, details of the courses you are booked into, the dates and times during the term and the venue will have been agreed with you in advance. You will receive confirmation of your booking once payment has been received. If you are unsure of any details, you are always welcome to contact your dedicated Admin for Existing Students at any time. To give existing Aquababies Indonesia clients priority for courses each term, we use a reenrolment system. This means that, unless you inform us that you either wish to change venue, day or time, or alternatively that you wish to stop altogether, we may re-enrol you onto the next course during the current term. Around the mid-point of each term, we send you details of your course for the following term via WhatsApp or email. This will detail the venue, dates and times of the course during the next term, the cost of the course and the payment deadline.
– Payment Registration and course fees paid are non-refundable regardless of actual attendance at classes and/or actual usage of pool facilities. All monies paid are non-refundable. All fees shall be paid in advance before the start of any classes. If the client fails to pay his/her fees, PT. Alexindo Tirta Perkasa (Aquababies Indonesia) reserves the right to refuse the client’s entry into pools and into classes, until such outstanding payment is received. PT. Alexindo Tirta Perkasa (Aquababies Indonesia) reserves the right to take appropriate legal actions to recover any outstanding payments. The client shall indemnify PT. Alexindo Tirta Perkasa (Aquababies Indonesia) for any costs incurred associated with such legal actions. The client remains liable for all fees during such period. When fees are paid using the client’s credit/debit card, the client’s credit/debit card details are automatically stored on a secure online payments system. By providing the client’s card details and allowing them to be stored on a secure payment gateway operated by a third party, the client grants PT. Alexindo Tirta Perkasa (Aquababies Indonesia) a continuous payment authority to debit the card when necessary, i.e. upon re-booking, purchasing photo shoot products, etc. Whenever the client’s card details change, or if the client wishes to change his/her card details for whatever reason, the client is always welcome to contact PT. Alexindo Tirta Perkasa (Aquababies Indonesia) anytime. If fees are being paid for by someone other than the client him/herself, the client is responsible for informing that person of PT. Alexindo Tirta Perkasa (Aquababies Indonesia)’s payment policies, deadlines, etc., and relaying any communication with regards to re-booking or payments of any sort.
– Cancellations In the event that one of your pools cannot be used in the short term, we will endeavour, where possible, to reschedule your class, subject to availability. In this instance, we are not responsible for any travel expenses incurred by you. In the event that one of your pools is not available on a longer term basis (in excess of 4 weeks), on public health or other grounds outside of our control, then we cannot be responsible for providing any further classes to you during that period. If this occurs, and in the instance that it is not possible to reschedule the classes, we will credit the unused balance of your course fees towards a future term’s fees at our discretion. In the event that one of your pools discontinued operations, your course will automatically be transferred to the nearest location.
– Changing class times and venues As time progresses, you may find your class size reducing (as the criteria to progress through the levels can be quite strict). Once a class has become too small to function properly, we will need to merge it with another. We try to keep class times as similar as possible but unfortunately cannot always guarantee this. If the merger of your class with another results in a change of your class dates, times or venue, we will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible, but as a minimum you will be notified of this around the mid-point of each term when we send you a reenrolment reminder. Should you need to swap pools we will do our utmost to accommodate you, but unfortunately cannot guarantee it. Please note that you will need to have completed your current course before swapping over.
– Adverse weather We are under no obligation to refund classes that may be missed due to local adverse weather when the venue and environs are safe and accessible, and classes are held. We regret that we are unable to offer automatic refunding or rescheduling of classes in the event of adverse conditions local to you which prevent you from attending a scheduled class.
– Force majeure We are under no obligation to refund classes that may have to be cancelled or postponed due to circumstances beyond our control and contemplation, in which our pools might not be available to conduct Aquababies Indonesia classes. Examples of these circumstances include (but are not limited to) damage to the pool, severe weather conditions, power failures, industrial action, pandemic. Such circumstances are referred to as ‘Force Majeure’.
– Exclusion of liability In the absence of any proven negligence, lack of due diligence or breach of duty by the instructor(s), PT. Alexindo Tirta Perkasa (Aquababies Indonesia), its franchisees or employees, the participation of you, your child, and/or those in whose care you have placed your child for the purpose of attending or observing PT. Alexindo Tirta Perkasa (Aquababies Indonesia) swimming sessions is done so entirely at your and their own risk.
–  Changes to terms and conditions From time to time we may update these terms and conditions by sending you either an updated version or notification of minor changes. You are free to not accept these changes but we would ask you to notify us in writing of your non-acceptance within 14 days of your receipt, failing which we will be entitled to treat our agreement with you as being subject to the updated version.

Informasi lainnya:

AQUABABIES INDONESIA’S NEW NORMAL HYGIENE AND SAFETY PROTOCOL Your safety, as well as the safety of our colleagues and teachers, is and always will be, our number one priority. In compliance with government guidance, we have made a number of changes to your Aquababies Indonesia classes to ensure that your classes are a safe place to be. Your Aquababies Indonesia lesson might look a little different when you return to swim with us. Every step of your journey has been thought about to ensure that you can always maintain social distancing. We will also control class numbers to ensure that it never gets too crowded at any one time. Here are some of the changes that you will see when you return to swim with us:
1. All touch surfaces (e.g. table, chair, baby changing station, shower tap, etc.) will be cleaned with an industry standard anti-viral disinfectant routinely by staff members of Aquababies Indonesia, specifically before the start of every session in our locations, in between classes, and at the end of the last session in our locations.
2. We will ensure that the chlorine level in our pools are within the acceptable range of 1 – 3 ppm and that the pH level is also within the acceptable range of 7.2 – 7.8.
3. All staff members of Aquababies Indonesia will undergo temperature screenings, mandatory hand washing or sanitisation, and wear gloves (floorpersons only), face masks and face shields at all times (unless in the pool).
4. A maximum of 2 accompanying visitors from the same household are allowed per registered student. Grandparents are advised not to come to our locations, as the elderly are more vulnerable to COVID-19. Siblings of registered students under the age of 12 are also not allowed entry.
5. We advise everyone to bring their own face masks and face shields from home. For those who need to purchase face masks due to any other reasons, they are available for purchase at Rp.10.000 per disposable face mask. Please pay in exact amount as our staff will not provide change to minimise contact.
6. We will still provide wetsuits, bath toys, goggles, kickboards, and pool noodles for shared use in class, however we highly recommend that you bring your own from home.
7. For the safety and wellbeing of all staff and families of Aquababies Indonesia, we ask for your cooperation in adhering to the the additional rules and procedures in place, and please be mindful of the allocated arrival and departure times sent to you in your weekly reminders by your Admin for Existing Students, to reduce the chance of clustering groups.

1. Please be punctual and arrive on time so that classes may start on time. Any registered students arriving 10 minutes after their scheduled start time will not be allowed in.
2. Registered students and their accompanying visitors are only allowed into our locations 10 minutes before the scheduled start time. Please arrive swim-ready and wear your masks and face shields upon arrival. Please bring only 1 bag with you.
3. At entrance, scan the QR Code (Android users are advised to download a QR reader app from home) or click on the link given to you by your Admin for Existing Students to checkin and fill in a contact tracing form.
4. Registered students and their accompanying visitors will have their temperatures screened (anyone with a temperature higher than 37.4C will not be allowed in), and have hand sanitisers provided to them.
5. Approach the designated waiting area, and get you and your child ready for class. If you do not have your own wetsuit, please approach a staff member of Aquababies Indonesia to borrow one. Please make sure to put on a swim diaper on your child.
6. To maintain the water quality in our pools, please rinse yourself in the Aquababies Indonesia shower area (after getting dressed in your swimsuit) before entering the pool. Removing sweat, lotions, perfumes, sunscreen, bacteria and organic matter by rinsing beforehand contributes significantly to water quality, and helps to prevent more illnesses.
7. Please do not enter the pool, unless invited to do so by your instructor.
8. Remove your face mask and face shield only when instructed to do so by your instructor. Non-swimming visitors must keep their face masks and face shields on at all times.
9. Please bring a box of wet wipes and put it on the pool side for easy access, to clear your child’s mucus discharge instead of unnecessarily flushing it to the drain or pool skimmer.

1. Enter the pool one by one, when signalled to do so by your instructor. For example, if dad is the accompanying parent in the pool, mum can hold the baby first, while dad enters the pool, and mum hands the baby over to dad, or vice versa.
2. In the pool, please be mindful of social distancing, and maintain a distance of 1.5 metre from other parents and babies at all times.

1. Exit the pool one by one, when signalled to do so by your instructor.
2. Take your child’s wetsuit off by the poolside and hang it on the rack provided.
3. Head to the changing area immediately to shower/rinse and get dressed. Our staff will wait until you and your child are in the cubicle of the changing area before allowing the next parent and child to enter the changing area. Please be mindful of social distancing within the changing area, and keep a distance of 1.5 metre from others at all times.
4. All parents and registered children must get dressed and leave our locations 15 minutes after the scheduled finish time, to give time for our staff to clean and disinfect all touch surfaces before the arrival of participants of the next class. For example, if your 9:00 class is scheduled to finish at 9:30, then you must shower/rinse, get dressed, and leave by 9:45, so that our staff members may clean and disinfect all touch surfaces before participants from the next class are allowed in at 9:50. WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION!

Paket pembelian dari hanya berlaku di lokasi Menteng, Jakarta Pusat, di hari biasa (Senin-Jumat) selama 10 minggu. Apakah reservasi diperlukan? Setelah membeli paket di, customer akan dihubungi oleh tim admin Aquababies Indonesia via Whatsapp chat untuk menjadwalkan kelas, pastikan nomor ponsel yang dicantumkan memiliki akun Whatsapp aktif. Harap diperhatikan kami hanya ada 4 intake dalam 1 tahun, yaitu di bulan January, April, July, dan Oktober. Contoh: Bapak/Ibu melakukan pembelian di di bulan February, otomatis anak Bapak/Ibu akan masuk di intake April, karena intake untuk bulan January sudah lewat.


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